The Outdoors Through My Many Lenses

Join me as I explore the outdoors of Maryland and beyond. This is my nature photography, I go outdoors to find peace,I hope it can bring you some as well. 


Reflections by Stacy Mizrahi

A few pics from the eclipse today

Posted 1 week ago

Falling leaves from my deck

Posted 24 weeks ago

Front of my house all lit up for Halloween

Posted 25 weeks ago

Doggo muggin for the camera.

Posted 25 weeks ago

This marigold fell over and grew around my Buddha a splash of garden Zen.

Posted 27 weeks ago

My pot-grown Black Eyed Susan’s

Posted 34 weeks ago

Think this is my largest collection of petunias yet. My aggressive spring planting led to a summer explosion.

Posted 36 weeks ago

Butterfly came for a mid-summer visit to the garden.

Posted 36 weeks ago

My petunias are coming in.

Posted 42 weeks ago

Stacy Mizrahi ALT

I don’t even really like Harry Potter that much and have to admit that Universal did an amazing job with this. Hogsmeade, Hogwarts and Digon Alley were all amazing.

Posted 43 weeks ago